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Women Empowering Women to change lives...


  Our Goals

  • Build knowledge and understanding of the forces and trends that undermine integration, women’s rights, equality & justice and develop suitable strategies to address them.  


  • Give ears to the interests of African women and create a forum where women can be free to express themselves divorced of fear, stress and oppression.  


  •  Facilitating the provision Skills and Self-enhancement Training, capacit building, access to Community Resource Centre courses and services and continuous outreach support to migrant African women through regular networking and collective participation activities.


  • Advocate the implementation of existing relevant policies that promote and support women integration, entrepreneurship and empowerment.  


  • Raising greater awareness of the extent and effects of violence against women and children through workshops and information leaflets on a range of issues connected with abuse and violence to women and children.    


  • Work with other organizations in the Violence against Women (VAW) and Domestic Violence fields, to help mothers/women who are survivors/victims as well as fathers/partners who are perpetrators, to reduce the impact of domestic violence on parenting capacity and on children through referrals, training, information and development work in resource library and information centre available locally to improve delivery of appropriate support services.


  • Facilitating employment programmes that focus on recognising the skills, education and previous work experience of migrant women in Ireland to enhance access into the Irish labour market.  


  • Encourage African women not to be ashamed of, but rather be very proud of their heritage as Africans and pass-on/teach their children the values, morals and respect that make Africans the good people they are.


  • Celebrate cultural diversity while promoting the richness and beauty of the African culture through integration.



  Our Values (The Principles that guide our work)

  • Our work is built upon values that advocate integration and equality for women and human rights through programmes and projects that work towards the eradication of all forms of discriminations; gender, sexuality, religion, age, ability, ethnicity, language, nationality, class or other related factors.  


  • We are committed to diversity, integration and inclusion by bringing marginalized voices and perspectives to the table in the pursuit of human rights for all.  


  • Our watch word is transparency as we work with the responsible use of financial resources, fairness, accountability and integrity.  


  • Our work is independent from any political party, government or religious institution.  


  • We work to achieve excellence, while being creative, bold and courageous to empower women.

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